With a new Dell laptop PC comes a useful utility called quickset.  It’s an application that’s proprietary to the Dell brand of laptops such as Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, XPS and Precision Mobile Workstation models running the Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems.  It performs a variety of functions like power management, settings control and diagnostics.


Quickset power management function is designed to conserve battery life.  It provides battery health and level tracking so you’d know at any time how much longer you have before charging the battery.  In addition, the utility detects power adapters, docking and batteries that are unsupported and alerts the user with error messages.

With its Power Scheme function, you can alter the factory default power settings based on you specific needs.  You can set when to turn hard disk off, hibernate start and system suspend on either battery power or when powered by the mains AC. You can alter the alarm setting which goes off at a default setting of 3% of battery power.  If you are in the midst of using multiple applications, the remaining 3% battery may not be enough to save all your work as the battery goes off.

In addition, quickset provides a few setting for built-in audio volume, display brightness and contrast, desktop font and Internet Explorer scaling. It provides an interface that allows you to configure wireless data connectivity using your Fn+F2 to activate wireless connection by switching profiles depending on systems settings. In particular, it has an interface that allows you to configure WiFi settings of certain dongles with certain hotspot networks that the Wi-Fi Catcher scans.

Performance Concerns
The utility is CPU intensive, as it requires processing power to continuously monitor certain laptop functions on the background. A significant number of Dell laptop users have been reporting that quickset occasionally eats significant processor power, from 25% to 90%, which can bring processing of whatever application you’re using to slow to glacial speeds.  There are also reports that the utility uses a Hook function to logs keystrokes on any application you use as well as sites visited on the internet. In this case, it is claimed that it encroaches on user privacy.

Experience has shown that a disabled quickset significantly improves laptop performance speed. Many online PC pundits, while acknowledging its usefulness, recommend uninstalling the unity or simply terminating it.  Afterall, it is a non-essential program.  The OS can boot up and run without it.

The quickset utility rests as a tray icon at the rightmost bottom of the Windows display, which you can easily disable.  Alternatively, you can simply go to START, click on RUN and type “msconfig.”  Go to the Startup tab and uncheck the utility.  This prevents the program from loading whenever your start your laptop.  As a last resort, simple go to the Control Panel and click on the Add/Remove icon to delete the utility permanently.  It may be a better idea not to delete it.  Just disable the program if it’s causing CPU lag, just in case you need to use its useful features later on.


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